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Is an EMDR Intensive right for me? 

Yes, if scheduling weekly therapy sessions are not an option with your work and family schedule. If you feel like you need help right now, but you don't want treatment to last months or longer. You can feel better in just 1-2 days with 4 hour intensive EMDR sessions! Cost is $800 per 4 hour intensive session. Email me to schedule! 


2 Day Weekend Intensive Fee: $2,500 

You’ve had a hurt, maybe a betrayal. You’ve been growing apart for some time. Despite being with each other all the time, you feel lonely on the inside. Perhaps you keep running into the same conflict cycle again and again. Or no matter how much effort you put into the relationship, there’s still an uncrossable gap between the two of you. A couple’s weekend intensive is a unique opportunity to gain clarity and connection in a short amount of time. Where traditional therapy can take months or even years, a Relationship Intensive speeds up the transformation. The longer session times allows you to see the improvement in your relationship quickly, you get that kind of momentum going and it allows for a true, deeper transformation in your relationship. 

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